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Earlier this year the R H Crossland Foundation joined the National Make a Wish Foundation to help an Arizona family make their wish come true.  The family of 7 has 3 of their 5 young children, twin girls age 3 and a boy age 9, with a rare kidney disease. One of the twin girls has already had 13 surgeries including a Kidney transplant.  The Children had of wish of swimming with the giant turtles in Hawaii. Make a Wish granted the wish and the R H Crossland Foundation provide additional family members air fare, hotel rooms, meals, and granting another wish of the 9 year old, touring the Island in a Hummer Limo.  It was a great experience for all who attended.  The R H Crossland Foundation was honored to play a small part in making this family's wish come true! 

R H Crossland Foundation Joins Make a Wish Foundation to make Arizona Family's wish come true.

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