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Rusty Crossland 
Board of Directors


The Foundation was formed in July of 1998 by Rusty Crossland to perpetuate the memory of Rusty's father, Ralph Crossland Sr. We hope you take the opportunity to view the site to see the activity of this foundation. We strive to help the less fortunate, and to foster a legacy of helping others. Rusty lives outside of Aspen with his German Sheppards 'Rocky' & 'Ollie' and of course his Tibetan Spaniel 'Elizabeth' He Also has a second home in Scottsdale AZ where he participates in philanthropic organizations as well.

Rusty is also the CEO of the Crossland Executive Network International. His company of agents help the average person take advantage of new opportunity as well as helping them build wealth in an average market.


The R H Crossland Foundation was formed in July of 1998 by Rusty Crossland to perpetuate the memory of Rusty's father (who was Rusty's greatest mentor), "to foster a legacy of helping others" who are less fortunate, and to practice strategic philanthropy. The Foundation has contributed to various causes in the past ranging from scholarships & rescue missions to wildlife and local residents in need.

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