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This past November (2016) I joined TODD PERRY Exec Director and other members of the Puljols Family Foundation on a Medical/Christian mission trip to the Batey's outside of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.  The goal was to review the situation there and see how the Crossland Foundation could help with the work started by Albert and Dedee Pujols in bringing some relief to the poverty stricken residents of this area.  The Batey's or "slums" are inhabited by mostly Haitian refugees who migrated to the DR to work in the sugar cane fields.  Automation and the advent of artificial sweeteners doomed the work for these peasants.  Thus, they could only do what they could to survive.  Without citizenship now in EITHER the DR or Haiti they were relegated to the slums.  The plight of these people is almost beyond belief to the normal inhabitant of an industrialized country.  No running water, little work or food, zero sanitation, untold medical issues, and living is absolute deplorable conditions, they struggle to survive.  Our visit was eye opening to say the least.  In looking at the photos one sees there is a sense of joy among the people, but investigation further reveals many needs.  You will see a photo of "Carlos".  A young man with cerebral palsy being held by Victoria.  You will also see a photo of his dilapidated and worthless wheel chair, his only means of getting out of his hut.  You will also see "Nunka" a 14 year old girl with massive brain swelling that has gone un treated her entire life, sleeping in her broken down bed in constant darkness because light accentuates her constant headaches,  unable to move, she is forced to urinate and defecate IN her bed.  These and other terrible issues plague every Batey.  One of the bright spots is the Sewing studio started by Albert to provide work and income. We were shown an area of a proposed bakery which would not only provide work, income, but food and a sustainable opportunity.  Moved by all of this, the R. H. Crossland Foundation immediately pledged a NEW wheel chair for "Carlos", a bed and bed linens for "Nunka", and the funds to finalize the building of the bakery AND a 3 year pledge of $100,000 to continue the work started by Albert.  Also at the writing of this, we have been told, that on the next medical mission a Neurosurgeon will evaluate "Nunka" and hopefully perform life saving surgery to alleviate her brain swelling.  Our plans are to return with Albert, who BTW built a baseball field and provides uniforms and equipment for 9 Batey teams, to continue the work.  One other note.  4 of Albert's young baseball protegees from the Batey's have signed Major League contracts! 

Rusty Crossland


If you would like to make a tax deductible donation that will benefit these kids in the Dominican Republic please click here. 100% of your donations will go to the kids of the Batey.

The RH Crossland Foundation visits the Batey's outside of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

The R H Crossland Foundation is proud that we have been able to make a small contribution for the benefit of several families and communities in the Batey's of the Dominican Republic.  From our recent visit we identified several immediate needs.  Carlos needed a new wheel chair and Migel and Nunka needed new beds and Elizabeth wanted to start a bakery for the benefit of the community to provide food, jobs, and income. I'm excited to report all of these needs have now been met.  As a part of our on going desire to help these needy people, the Foundation has made a 3 year commitment to provide funds to continue the work we've started.  We are grateful for the friendship of Albert and DeDe Pujols and their family foundation for giving us the honor to participate in their mission.  All you have to do is see the smiles!  Enjoy the photos

This is the Follow up on the items we have donated thus far

Please send our joy and gratitude to Rusty. We pray that the Lord will continue blessing him even more and more. THANK YOU VERY MUCH RUSTY. The boys are happy, the families are happy and we are all grateful. To our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the Glory and honor now and forever. Amen.  PRAISE BE TO JESUS .



Here are the photos of Carlos getting his wheelchair!

The Foundation also provided a new bed for Miguel while we were in Hondonado, blessing people!

Bernard is working today on getting Nunka’s  bed. We should have photo's of her by early next week!

What an amazing privilege it is to do God’s work. No matter what I’ve accomplished in my life, there is no greater feeling than this! 


Thank you so much for making this happen!


Praise be to Jesus, indeed.



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